IP402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings

Candidates will gain a background and practical knowledge in the surveying of buildings for asbestos and be provided general guidance on the management procedures necessary to minimise exposure to any identified asbestos.


A Fibrous Minerals are present in Western Australia at numerous mining locations and as such they need to be characterised, assessed and managed.

A Fibrous Mineral Management Plan (FMMP) provides guidelines for the management of fibrous minerals relating to exploration, resource development and mining operations. A FMMP usually only relates to contaminant asbestos, as defined in the Mine Safety Inspection Regulations 1995, it does not usually include the management of structural asbestos; i.e. asbestos containing materials such as insulation, tiles, plaster board etc. It is required by the Department of Mines and Petroleum who provide a Guideline for the content. The purpose of the FMMP is to evaluate the hazard associated with fibrous minerals in the workplace and standardise procedures and appropriate controls that will prevent workplace exposure to harmful levels of naturally occurring fibrous minerals.


OHMS Hygiene offers asbestos air monitoring and clearance certificates to meet client, project and health & safety requirements.

Asbestos air monitoring means sampling of airborne fibres to assist in the risk assessment of exposure to asbestos. OHMS Hygiene can tailor air monitoring requirements in accordance with the job scope, type of asbestos containing material, condition of asbestos containing material and location and can also provide asbestos in soils assessments.


Asbestos in soil


As stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, a person at a workplace who is an employer, main contractor, a self-employed person, or the person having control of the workplace must ensure that the presence and location of asbestos at the workplace is identified. The processes for identification and assessment of risks must be conducted in accordance with the Code for the Management and Control of Asbestos in the Workplace [NOHSC: 2018 (2005)] and by someone who is considered competent in the identification of asbestos.

An asbestos survey consists of an inspection of buildings and structures for the presence of asbestos containing materials, a report with photographic log in the form of a register (asbestos management plan) is provided to the client, which can be seen by building occupiers and contractors to limit asbestos exposure.

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