OHMS Hygiene on location demonstrating appropriate PPE
OHMS Hygiene Milo on location

OHMS Hygiene can advise on all forms of PPE (personal protective equipment), including:


The fit testing of RPE is legislated for in both the WA Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (1996) and the WA Mine Safety Inspection Regulations (1996); clauses 3.40 and 9.12, respectively. Both regulations stipulate that if it is not practicable to control atmospheric contaminants in the workplace, “suitable respiratory protective equipment of a standard not less than that specified in AS 1715 is provided to employees in the relevant workplace”.

AS 1715 mandates:

  • that individuals are trained in using RPE;
  • what needs to be provided in the training;
  • fit testing; and
  • individuals being clean shaven.


The fit testing of HPD is recommended within AS 1269.3 workers because the method of measuring attenuation of HPD in the laboratory (AS 1270) could differ significantly from real-world fitting and attenuation.

AS 1269.3 recommends:

  • that individuals are trained in the selection and use of HPD;
  • what needs to be provided in the training;
  • that evaluation of HPD is undertaken; and
  • individuals should be trained and fitted by an apprpariately trained person with substantial knowledge of hearing protection.

OHMS Hygiene can train and fit test your workers either on site or in house here at OHMS Hygiene using

Quantitative fit testing with the TSI Portacount


Quantitative fit testing with the 3M HOOD

Hood fit hood

OHMS Hygiene can provide training in HPD selection and use and provide evaluation of fit with subjective or objective fit testing methods.

Objective attenuation assessment for 3M HPDs

  • Tests both ears simultaneously in less than 5 seconds.
  • Earmuff and earplug testing capability.
  • Tests at 7 standard frequencies - 125Hz to 8000Hz.



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